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Custom Built Exhibition Displays

At Creations Group, we specialise in the design and manufacture of Exhibition Stands, Custom Expo Furniture, Fabric Displays, Pull Up Banners and Teardrop Flags focusing on the greater Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW areas however we install exhibition displays all over the country. Current technologies allow us to create some truly spectacular show pieces, offering a near limitless potential to what can be accomplished. All of our Exhibition Stands, Furniture, Fabric Displays, Banners and Flags are created at our Gold Coast headquarters.


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Further information regarding the Exhibition and Events services that Creations Group offers can be found below.


Exhibition Stands

Trade shows are widely recognised as being one of the most effective to promote a business, for a number of reasons, including:

  • They provide a means of Direct Customer Contact

  • Live presentations of Products or Services help to accelerate the selling process and create new sales

  • They have a high return/expense ratio. According to the Exhibition Association of Australia, a 9% expenditure of company marketing budgets resulted in a 23% return in business

Of course, in order for a business to have a successful Trade Show appearance, they must first possess an outstanding Exhibition Display. At Creations Group, we specialise in the design and manufacture of premium quality trade show displays. Utilising a highly versatile new technology known as X-Board, we create stunning show pieces that maximise business exposure, elevate consumer interest and increase sales potential. Please visit the Exhibition Stands page to view our gallery of recent trade show display creations.



Custom Expo Furniture

Using advanced new Digital Printing Technology and state of the art equipment at our Gold Coast operation, we are able to fabricate beautifully crafted Tables, Chairs, Dry Bars, Counters and Product Displays. Captivate customers with ease, with our show stopping and awe inspiring expo furniture designs. As you can see from our Custom Expo Furniture Gallery, there's no practically no limit to what can be accomplished using the sophisticated tools and techniques at our disposal.



Fabric Displays

Along with solid structures, current Digital Printing technologies enable us to effortless translate your brand or promotional content onto a suitable fabric. Fabric Displays provide a number of advantages over their traditional hard surface counterparts:

  • as they're made from fabric, they're incredibly light weight, making them extremely portable
  • they require minimal assembly time and can be simply folded up once the Exhibition or display purpose is over

Be sure to browse our Fabric Displays Gallery to sample the many stunning possiblities that Fabric Displays provide.



Pull Up Banners & Flags

Just like Fabric Displays, Pull Up Banners are extremely portable, requiring minimal time and effort to erect and provide an ideal way to display company promotional material. In addition to Pull Up Banners, Creations Group also designs and manufactures Teardrop Flags. Please peruse our Pull Up Banners & Flags Gallery to sample some of our recent designs.