Incredibly versatile, flat-packable, light and recyclable.                               



A breakthrough in lightweight, recycled boards X-Board is an environmentally-friendly, high-strength corrugated fibreboard, utilising fibrous waste from recycled kraft paper and sugar-cane bagasse. 


Available in print-receptive, raw and decorative finishes for temporary, semi-permanent and permanent use.

X-Board is specified by designers and architects for sustainability-focussed projects. Typical users include exhibition and set-builders, retail display and exhibition stand manufacturers, packaging manufacturers, coffin manufacturers, hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, joiners, furniture manufacturers, yacht builders and shop fitters.





X-Board "Print" is a versatile, lightweight board, which offers designers and manufacturers a VOC-Free alternative to MDF, particle board and petrochemical-based foamed-core boards, typically used for building short-term displays and structures of all types.

X-Board's unique high-crush strength paper core is manufactured from post-consumer recycled paper and sugar cane waste. Sandwiched between top and bottom layers of semi-rigid printable paper optimised for industrial flatbed UV inkjet printers, X-Board can be disposed of in paper-recycling bins at the end of it’s service life. Panels can be UV inkjet printed directly or decorative laminates can be applied over the board. They can be mitre-cut, folded or curved, shape cut, canvas or fabric-wrapped, photo-mounted and fastened together with velcro, hot-melt adhesive or magnetic strips, generating an endless array of design possibilities. 

If the application requires finished edges instead of exposed kraft edges, X-Board can be double-mitre cut and folded back on itself, or a PVC C-channel edging can be easily applied with a hot-melt glue gun which can be removed before recycling the board after its useful life.




Typical applications for X-Board include:

• Structural, flat-packed, point-of-purchase displays
• Branded exhibition booth walls with matching promotional furniture
• Branded industrial packaging requiring high crush-resistance
• Art canvas frames
• Printed bookshelves and funky office furniture
• Custom-shaped standees
• Custom printed coffins
• Suspended bulkheads and retail hoardings 
• Podiums
• In-store displays replacing MDF and particleboard
• Printed pinboards


• Excellent printability with UV screen or inkjet printing equipment. 
• Produced mostly from post-consumer recycled paper waste. 
• No wax or polyethylene used in the manufacturing process, allowing the board to be easily repulped back into paper by recycling agents post-use. 
• Excellent stability in indoor conditions 
• Flame-resistant to international B3 standard (Class II rating is achievable and available on request for volume orders) 





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